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Soloist / Minister / Author / Live Reading / Inspirational Speaker /  Psalmist / Encourager

Children’s Author...

I am excited to present my first children’s book to you!

Show Down at High Moon, Queen Takes a Stand is a true life story about my daughter and her intense fears of bedtime.

Together, Queen and I, along with Dino go on a magical journey and in the process learn a very big lesson!

I also co-authored Pattern: The Restorative Power of God’s Embedded Word.

Song Writer...

I have written and recorded 2 albums including a four song EP of my own original music.

I have also written and recorded a children’s lullaby great for any small child’s bedtime routine.

Autism Awareness Ambassador...

I use every opportunity to advocate for children with enhanced needs especially when it comes to education.

There desperately needs to be a reform of the educational system when it comes to options given to those who think differently than us. It is also so important to support mothers of those amazing kids. I love to offer advice on managing the many many challenges that come with parenting a child who requires more than average.


I am an accomplished singer in numerous genres.

My specialties include Weddings, Church Events, Sports Events, Renewal of Vows and Baby Christenings. I can accommodate your special occasion or event.

Psalmist ...

The ultimate goal in life is to recover. That is God’s intent for us.

He wants us to recover from anything that has held us back or knocked us down. And often hearing the heart of God aids in helping us do just that. As a psalmist I bridge the gap between your heart and God’s through song.

Inspirational Speaker...

Sometimes all we need is a spark to get us moving in the right direction.

Other times we need much more. By sharing my own personal life experiences, I serve as living proof that no matter what has happened to you in life, you can overcome it and move forward into a mentally, physically and healthy life. Whether you are stuck and need the encouragement to keep moving. Or you are on life support and need to know you are not alone and you can live again. Your time for winning is now.

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