My name is Terah Candace Boyd.

I am married and a mother of three. Like so many I have endured tremendous difficulties in life. But I have also seen God rescue me every time! With that rescue came growth, maturity, and a knowing that the despairs of life do not have the final say.

While singing is the gift I’ve been using since I was two, I also love writing and ministering hope as well.

Born in Canton Ohio my parents use to travel around and perform a play called “Jesus Christ is the way”. My part was to sing Jesus loves me. My mother shared stories with me about how at the age of two I was never afraid to take any stage. I would belt as loud as I could with control and even emotion. It always left people in awe. Well that never stopped.

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Terah Boyd

Terah Boyd… Sparking Growth & Maturity In Your Life.

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With my dad being a pastor we were always moving around.

When I was still very small, we made the trek to Winston Salem N.C. where we lived until I was sixteen. We were constantly moving form church to church. There was no shortage of stages and grooming but there was also no shortage of heartbreak. I never felt like I had a place and I always questioned my worth.

As my life continued, I never stopped singing and I always felt deep down that I was of great value and meant for something spectacular.

Although I fought it, I eventually started ministering. I saw that there where so many like me. So many people were struggling with depression and low self- esteem. So many where looking for someone to affirm them because they didn’t get that as children. It has weighed so heavy on me to know that there were and are grown men and women who feel like abandoned children. Throwaways. Just like me.

That is the focus of my ministry / song writing and even my book writing.

The message, though it is not always direct, is that we all have a place and that the only affirmation needed is God’s. I’ve been singing and ministering now for over two decades and I’m only just getting started.

I’m excited everyday to hear and see what God is sharing. My hope is to inspire people in some way that will spark growth and maturity.

- Terah Candace Boyd

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